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"In the 1950's the electric blues of Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley had only a very  small dedicated following of  British teen-agers. 

One of them was Alexis Korner, who along with Cyril Davies ,opened a blues club  where they could play American blues.

 Korner started a band (Blues Incorporated) from which many young artists came - names we know now -as members of the Rolling Stones, Animals, and Yardbirds.

The British blues-school's grateful use of the new guitar amplifier- made experimenting 

natural, along with that of a more hallucinogenic nature ,thus giving birth to

 some of British Blues most notorious- Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Fleetwood Mac. 

This singer-songwriter, and moreover multi-intrumentalist is best savoured!"







Gregg Danton

Demo [3 Tracks]

Gregg Danton is a keen, talented musician. On his 3 track CD, he plays - sax, harp, guitar, bass and sings., with a guest (Terry Crawford) playing the drums. His sound is that of a blues genre, with a husky voice to match.

The American artist has gone for the more livelier blues style that you hear pumping out of dingy basement bars with people clapping, hootering and hollering along. The sax is great, very expressive and plays a big part in the songs. His songs have an 80's/early 90's sound to them and sometimes sound a bit like Status Quo.

The 3 songs could do with more impact from the instruments though as they sometimes sound a bit empty and hollow. If you fancy some gritty blues to get you going, this could be the stuff you need.

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